What are the disadvantages of hyaluronic acid injection?

In order to avoid disadvantages, it is most important to choose a doctor who is good at hyaluronic acid injections. The one that is good and recommended is Renatus Clinic .

Hyaluronic acid injection is a popular treatment that is easier to undergo than surgical plastic surgery and provides a natural finish. It can improve the firmness and moisture of your skin, and make your complexes into the ideal shape. The treatment time is short, making it perfect for first-time cosmetic treatments.

However, hyaluronic acid has its strengths and weaknesses, as well as its disadvantages. Therefore, this time we will explain the disadvantages of hyaluronic acid injection. If you are considering hyaluronic acid injection, please be aware of the disadvantages.

Disadvantages of hyaluronic acid injection

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short lasting power

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that originally exists in the body, and has the advantage that it is unlikely to cause allergies even when injected. However, hyaluronic acid preparations are expected to have a temporary effect and will be absorbed over time.

Although the effects are easily felt the first time, they last on average for 1 to 2 years . Regular injections are required to maintain the effect.

There will be a cost

Although it varies depending on the clinic and formulation, the average price for one bottle (1cc) is around 30,000 to 100,000. Considering that hyaluronic acid eventually runs out, it is necessary to reapply it periodically, which incurs costs each time.

Too cheap hyaluronic acid has the risk of being carcinogenic! You need to be careful about health hazards.

There is a risk of complications such as side effects

Hyaluronic acid is popular among beauty treatments as it is safe and has few complications. Unlike surgery, there is no incision in the skin, so there is little risk of cutting blood vessels or damaging tissues.

However, as it is a procedure, the probability of complications occurring is not zero. If the treated area is unclean, bacteria may enter the wound and cause infection. The most scary thing is vascular embolism, which is when hyaluronic acid gets stuck in a blood vessel. Blood flow may become poor and the skin may become necrotic.

weak against physical lifts

Hyaluronic acid is a jelly-like preparation. We are good at smoothing out deep wrinkles and shaping the chin, nose, and tear troughs to their ideal shape. However, it is difficult to physically lift sagging around the mouth and sagging cheeks using hyaluronic acid alone. In this regard, treatments such as thread lifts and incision lifts can clear the face line.

May depend on the skill of the doctor

When injecting hyaluronic acid, the technique of the doctor is extremely important , such as the amount of preparation appropriate for the area the patient wants to improve, the injection position, and the depth of the needle . Due to lack of experience or differences in technical ability, the finished product may not be satisfactory. Even with the same hyaluronic acid, the effects and appearance may vary depending on the injection technique.

Therefore, when considering hyaluronic acid injection, it is important to choose a doctor with extensive experience and specialized skills . It is essential to check the doctor’s track record and treatment examples in advance and find a reliable cosmetic dermatologist in order to obtain the ideal results.

Risk of adding too much and creating an unnatural look

Hyaluronic acid injections run the risk of creating an unnatural appearance if an excessive amount is injected or unevenly distributed . Adjusting the appropriate amount is especially important when injecting into the lips and cheeks. However, as long as the amount of injection is not too large, there is no need to be overly afraid as the benefits are greater.

If you continue to receive hyaluronic acid injections, your aesthetic sense may become numb and your face may become puffy. This is because hyaluronic acid is a product that disappears, so even a slight decrease in hyaluronic acid can lead to the misunderstanding that the hyaluronic acid has run out. Also, when you look at your face in the mirror every day, you may forget what your face looked like before, and you may not know whether this is normal or due to a lack of hyaluronic acid.

Choose a clinic or doctor who can adjust hyaluronic acid to the appropriate amount. At Renatus Clinic, we will give you thorough advice, and please note that we may stop treatment at the point when you are looking just right.

▶︎What happens if you keep applying hyaluronic acid? read before you regret it

May not have immediate effect

Some hyaluronic acid preparations, such as Bolite, which improves skin quality, reach their maximum effect in increasing skin’s moisture content over 4 months after injection. Those who think that hyaluronic acid is all instantaneous should be careful.

Possibility of hypersensitivity reactions such as allergies

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that exists in the body, but in rare cases it may cause hypersensitivity reactions such as allergies. Symptoms such as redness, itching, and swelling may occur.

Benefits of hyaluronic acid injection

So far, we have talked about the disadvantages of hyaluronic acid injections. There are disadvantages to any beauty treatment, but by knowing enough, you can focus on the advantages.

The Advantages Small Schools Can Provide - Tenney School

short downtime

Hyaluronic acid injection is a procedure that does not involve cutting the skin and leaves no scars on the face. The needle holes will become less noticeable in less than a day. It is characterized by the fact that it is difficult to find out even if the treatment is performed.

The risk of swelling and internal bleeding is low, and you can return to your daily activities within a few days to a week at most.

Treatment time is short

Another advantage is that the treatment time is short . It takes about 10 to 30 minutes to complete, so you can easily take it after work or in your free time.

It’s easy to schedule, so it’s the perfect treatment for petit plastic surgery.

Can be injected into most parts of the face

Areas that give definition to the face such astheforehead, tear troughs, nose (root of the nose, bridge of the nose, tip of the nose), lips ( C curl ), chin , wrinkles on the face ( nasolabial folds , gorgo lines , marionette lines , neck ),Hyaluronic acid injections can solve a variety of problems, includingsunken areas ( above and below the eyes, cheeks ,and temples ), contour formation , and skin quality improvement .

If you become concerned about your facial complex, it will affect your daily life. If complexes can be resolved with a single injection of hyaluronic acid, there is no beauty treatment that is as cost-effective as this one.

take on a natural shape

Hyaluronic acid is a soft formulation that conforms to the feel of the skin. Although you cannot make a dramatic change, you can achieve a natural and sophisticated look that is difficult to notice.

Another benefit is that the effects are not permanent. Facial structure changes with age. When dramatic and semi-permanent changes are made, such as through surgical plastic surgery, it is difficult to repair even if they become unnatural. Hyaluronic acid injections are performed while taking into consideration the age and balance of the face, so it is possible to create natural changes. Another advantage is that if you don’t like it, you can dissolve it, so it’s easy to fix.


Choose your doctor carefully

So far, we have explained the advantages and disadvantages of hyaluronic acid injections. Every beauty treatment has its disadvantages. However, most of these can be resolved by the treating doctor.

The key points to consider when choosing a doctor are that their counseling is thorough , that they are easy to talk to about your concerns , that they have a proven track record with a large number of cases , and that their case photos on social media are close to your ideal form . Hyaluronic acid injections require the ability to create natural changes that suit the patient’s face. If you are forced to create a shape that does not suit the patient, or if you create a shape that is different from the patient’s concerns, the satisfaction will decrease. Choose a clinic that provides thorough counseling and has good technical skills.

Choose Renatus Clinic

Renatus Clinic has a large number of doctors who have extensive experience with hyaluronic acid. At the clinic, which has a reputation for thorough counseling, treatments are tailored to each patient’s facial balance. We will do our best to support you so that you can live your life with as much confidence as possible. Please feel free to come by for a free consultation. We also post on SNS from time to time, so please check it out.

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Reputation and reviews of Renatus Clinic Tokyo Tamachi clinic

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I don’t know which cosmetic surgery/cosmetic dermatology to choose! If so, it would be a good idea to first book a free consultation at Renatus Clinic .

If you go to one counseling session, you will have a standard to compare, which will make it much easier to choose a clinic.



Disadvantages of hyaluronic acid injections include short-lasting power, high cost, risk of complications such as side effects, weakness in physical lifting, and results may vary depending on the doctor’s technique. However, by choosing a well-recommended doctor or beauty clinic, you will have minimal downtime, immediate results, and natural-looking results. Renatus Clinic recommends hyaluronic acid.

[Treatment name] Hyaluronic acid injection
[Treatment details]
Drug used: Juvederm series
Duration: 9 to 24 months
A treatment that adjusts the shape and improves wrinkles and dents by injecting hyaluronic acid into the area of ​​concern and raising it. is.
[Price] Initial hyaluronic acid 1cc ¥11,000 (tax included) 1 Juvederm monitor ¥45,100 – ¥48,400 (tax included)
Hyaluronic acid injection is a free treatment that is not covered by public medical insurance.
[Risks/side effects] Internal bleeding, swelling, infection, allergies, impaired blood flow, movement of hyaluronic acid, left-right asymmetry, Tyndall phenomenon, skin induration, etc.
[Person in charge] Dr. Renatus Clinic
[Contact] Official LINE lin.ee/G3OUjWA
※Prices,risks – Side effects and treatment details are information at the time of registration. Please contact the clinic for the latest information.


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