What are the disadvantages of nasolabial folds hyaluronic acid?

Disadvantages of nasolabial fold hyaluronic acid injection

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We will explain the disadvantages of hyaluronic acid for nasolabial folds. The drawbacks can vary depending on the doctor’s skills and the formulation, so it’s a good idea to consult with a doctor first. Addressing any concerns through counseling can also help you feel more at ease when undergoing the treatment.

Cons 1 : Risk of vascular occlusion

Hyaluronic acid injections come with the risk of vascular occlusion due to injections into the wrong areas. If an injection into a blood vessel occurs, there is a potential for vessel blockage and a risk of skin necrosis. Typically, when occlusion occurs, there is excruciating pain and a discoloration (a white, cloudy appearance) of the injected area. If signs of vascular occlusion are observed, prompt  are hyaluronic acid dissolution injections necessary.”

Cons 2 : Possibility of lumps

If the amount of injection in one area becomes too large or the layer becomes too shallow, it may cause lumps or unevenness . Soft lines are especially noticeable , and the shadow caused by the lump can make them look even darker. Injecting into the same area multiple times is also one of the causes of bumps. However, over time , these lumps often tend to resolve . Proper aftercare and following your doctor’s instructions can alleviate your concerns.

Cons 3 : May look unnatural

When attempting to improve nasolabial folds with hyaluronic acid injection, there is a risk of an unnatural appearance .

The nasolabial folds are a complex area of ​​fat and muscle. There is a lot of space for hyaluronic acid, so the average amount may not be enough for some people. For this reason, some people think of injecting large amounts of hyaluronic acid to get rid of smile lines.

However, if the smile lines disappear completely , the face will look unnatural . Once you get used to having hyaluronic acid added to your face, you will no longer be able to compare it to your original face and will lose its esthetics. Counseling with your doctor is important to maintain objectivity.

Cons 4 : Effect is temporary and requires continuous treatment

Hyaluronic acid injections are expected to have a temporary effect and will be absorbed over time, so continuous treatments are required. Although it is easy to feel the effects the first time, the effects start to fade after about six months to a year and a half . Regular hyaluronic acid injections are required to maintain the effect .

Cons 5 : May depend on the doctor’s skill

When injecting hyaluronic acid, the technique of the doctor is very important , such as determining the amount of preparation appropriate for the area the patient wants to improve, the injection position, and the depth of the needle . Due to lack of experience or differences in technical ability, the finished product may not be satisfactory. Even with the same hyaluronic acid, the effects and appearance may vary depending on the injection technique.

Therefore, when considering hyaluronic acid injection, it is important to choose a doctor with extensive experience and specialized skills . It is essential to check the doctor’s track record and treatment examples in advance and find a reliable cosmetic dermatologist in order to obtain the ideal results.


Dealing with the disadvantages of nasolabial fold hyaluronic acid injection

To eliminate the disadvantages of hyaluronic acid injection, please be aware of the following three points.

Choose the right doctor/clinic
Listen to objective opinions
Wait until things calm down

If you perform hyaluronic acid injection treatment with emphasis on each, you can reduce the possibility of disadvantages. Each measure is explained below.

Choosing the right doctor

A doctor’s knowledge and experience are essential for hyaluronic acid injection . In addition to the technical ability to actually inject hyaluronic acid, counseling skills are also required to perform treatments tailored to the patient’s skin problems. You will also be required to have the knowledge to resolve patients’ questions and concerns. Therefore, when performing hyaluronic acid injection, be sure to choose a doctor with a proven track record, experience, and knowledge .

Listen to objective opinions

If you continue to receive hyaluronic acid injections, be sure to listen to the opinions of objective people other than yourself . If you do hyaluronic acid injections many times, you will get used to seeing the changes and will not be able to understand the changes. Wouldn’t it be sad if you were to undergo beauty treatments to become more beautiful, but you lost your beauty? Listen to the changes when looking at it objectively and avoid injecting too much.

Wait until it calms down

Immediately after hyaluronic acid is injected , the area may be uneven due to swelling , so wait for about two weeks for it to settle first . In most cases, the swelling will subside and calm down.

If the lump is still noticeable, you can gently massage it to absorb it. (However, if you press it, it won’t spread properly and the design may deteriorate, so please refrain from massaging it.)

Hyaluronic acid injections do not last forever, in a good sense. Depending on the formulation, the effect will wear off after up to two years, and if you really don’t like it, you can dissolve the hyaluronic acid . If you are having trouble, please contact the doctor who gave you the injection.


We have talked about the disadvantages of hyaluronic acid injection for nasolabial folds and their countermeasures.

Communication with your doctor is essential to reduce the disadvantages. During your consultation, ask us about your needs and any questions you may have, and then decide whether to proceed with the treatment.

At Renatus Clinic, skilled doctors perform hyaluronic acid injections, so we can provide treatments tailored to the patient’s concerns. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us. Let’s be beautiful together!


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