Things you should not do after hyaluronic acid injection

Although hyaluronic acid is a procedure with little downtime and side effects, it is not without caution. This time, we will introduce the precautions to be taken after applying hyaluronic acid. Once you know about it, you can rest assured.


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wait a minute! Do you know what to be careful about after hyaluronic acid injection?

It’s safe to know what happens after hyaluronic acid injection

Internal bleeding

The injection needle may graze small blood vessels, causing the skin to turn bluish or purplish. This is a common occurrence, and there is no need to worry. It typically heals naturally within 1 to 2 weeks, but if you are concerned, gently applying a cold towel or an ice pack can expedite the healing process.


Areas such as the lips, upper eyelids, and forehead may experience temporary swelling after hyaluronic acid injection. The swelling typically subsides within a few days to a week, so please don’t worry.


This is a condition where hyaluronic acid has formed a lump in a specific area. The lump itself is not a problem and will eventually integrate over time. If it really bothers you, there’s also the option to inject a product called hyaluronic acid dissolver to dissolve it.

Things to be careful about after having hyaluronic acid injection

Do not put pressure on the injection site


Hyaluronic acid takes approximately 2 weeks to 1 month to fully settle. Until then, if you apply too much pressure, there’s a possibility that the hyaluronic acid may deform or that swelling and bruising could worsen.

Exception: For hyaluronic acid injections in neck wrinkles, which tend to form lumps, it is okay to press on the areas with unevenness to help it blend in.

Facial esthetics

When you touch or massage your face during a beauty salon, hyaluronic acid may move and cause unevenness on the skin surface. Avoid beauty treatments until your hyaluronic acid stabilizes.

Do not lie face down

Please be careful not to lie face down for extended periods. Applying strong pressure to the treatment area may cause hyaluronic acid to shift or become compressed. Those who usually sleep face down or on their side should be particularly cautious. There is a possibility that the hyaluronic acid on the compressed side may deform. Especially in areas like the forehead, tear troughs, nose, and chin, which are prominent facial features, they are more susceptible to pressure


Improving blood circulation

You can apply makeup, wash your face, and take a shower on the same day as the hyaluronic acid treatment. However, it’s best to avoid activities that could raise your body temperature significantly, such as taking a bath, engaging in vigorous exercise, or using a sauna, as these can potentially worsen bruising and swelling

Intense exercise

On the day of the procedure and the following day, it’s not recommended. Light exercise is permissible from 2 to 3 days after


Showering is fine on the same day. Bathing is allowed from 2 to 3 days later


Not recommended on the day of and the day after. If it’s a short duration, it’s acceptable from 2 to 3 days later


Not recommended on the day of and the day after. In moderation, it’s acceptable from 2 to 3 days later.

However, if you are prone to swelling, it’s best to avoid for a week.

Avoid making reservations on the day of the drinking party.


Do not schedule important appointments

After hyaluronic acid injection, it’s advisable not to schedule important events such as weddings, drinking parties, or significant dates. While it’s a treatment with minimal downtime, individual differences can occur, and it may take longer to recover. If you wish to undergo the procedure for an important event, please consider it with some extra time in advance.

When your face is swollen during a date, it can be surprising for your partner as well🥺


Be careful of infection

Do not touch

Hyaluronic acid offers the advantage of minimal scarring, and it’s often hard to tell where the injection was done. However, if you feel discomfort and touch or rub the area, it can increase blood flow and worsen bruising and swelling. Additionally, rubbing the wound with dirty hands can introduce surface skin bacteria and lead to infection. It’s important to keep the treated area clean and avoid touching it unnecessarily.

Use less makeup

You can apply makeup on the day of your appointment, but please do not use liquid foundation. The liquid type may allow bacteria to enter the injection wound, leading to injection.

Additionally, please refrain from using sunscreen or concealer after injection. If you are really concerned about it, use a powder type foundation.



We have introduced precautions to be taken after hyaluronic acid injection.

We hope that you have learned what to be careful of after the procedure and what kinds of problems may occur. Hyaluronic acid has few side effects and scars, and is a highly cost-effective treatment, but please be aware of the risks and precautions before undergoing the treatment.


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